Highest-Paying Federal Jobs in 2023

Because our system was created So many people view federal work as something they shouldn’t go to. This is because the federal government is almost always unable to pay her workers. Still, most federal workers earn good wages depending on the sector they work for.

In this article, we will answer the question: “How much salary will you earn while working for the government?”

Please note that most salary structures listed here may not be current. But just to give you an idea of ​​what you should expect as a federal official.

Before we proceed, let us look at the questions we will be solving.

  • What is the job of the federal government?
  • How does the central government recruit employees?
  • Why do job seekers prefer federal jobs?

What is the job of the federal government?

These are job opportunities provided by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Federal Government Jobs are available to Civilians/Citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

How does the central government recruit employees?

Answer: The Nigerian government recruits employees through various federal agencies such as:

  • State Enterprise Office
  • Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Nigerian Army
  • Corporate Affairs Committee, etc.

Why do job seekers prefer federal jobs?

  • Federal jobs are considered flexible when the time comes.
  • Most people find federal government jobs because of the job security they enjoy. The government won’t just wake up and lay off employees.
  • Leave is also flexible for federal employees.
  • Federal jobs in Nigeria have safer pension schemes.

Top 11 Highest Paying Government Jobs in Nigeria

Federal agencies and salary levels for government employees

Here are some of the high paying jobs in the public sector.

National Petroleum Corporation of Nigeria

National Petroleum Corporation of Nigeria It is considered the highest paying federal agency. Industrial trainees are paid N30,000 per month, while sales managers are paid N286,000 per month, if you think about that as we are already on the list. What would you say to the economists in this organization? They can earn up to N3,919,000/year which is approximately 326583.3333333333 Naira per month

Bank of Industry

Another federal agency with a high salary structure is the Central Bank. Beginner level Employees earn N122,000 per month. Another good option is to work as a loan officer. You earn N563,000 at entry level.

The branch manager position is the highest paid but very difficult to access. This is because there are not many bank branches in Nigeria. This is a good idea for those interested in government work.

Federal Revenue Service

at Federal Revenue Service They are quite secretive about their salary packages. We can gather that an entry-level employee can earn between N120, 000 and N140, 000 per month, while an officer position earns N166, 000 and N185, 000.

Nigeria Maritime and Safety Administration

For NIMASA, the salary for an entry-level employee is N240, 000 per month. The agency is also secretive about giving its employees a salary structure.

Nigerian Asset Management Company

It should be noted that the Nigerian Asset Management Company pays approximately N167,000 per month, but this information is not verified. It is difficult to say whether this is a starting salary or not.

Nigerian Ports Authority

This organization posts many job openings every year. For example, an IT or e-business manager position can earn you 600,000 Naira every year.


The Nigerian government does not charge applicants during and after the recruitment process. Applicants must always look for the latest federal government jobs and apply.

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