Edo State Basic Education Sector Transformation Vacancies

Edo State Basic Education Sector Reform (EdoBEST) is recruiting to fill positions on their career portal. If you want to apply for a job vacancy We recommend that you review the job requirements before submitting an application.

About the Edo State Basic Education Sector Transformation (EdoBEST)

The Edo State Government launched the Edo Basic Education Sector Reform Project (EdoBEST) in 2018 to revolutionize basic education across the state. This program is designed to adhere to the Governor’s core belief that “When you have received basic education correctly Everything will fall into place.” EdoBEST recognizes that a strong educational foundation will help children Step into the future of success and take this responsibility seriously The program uses a holistic approach that emphasizes science-based learning materials. Data-driven models and continuous capacity building Teachers are well equipped to take advantage of technology. Motivate students and use science-based learning materials through EdoBEST teaching methods and techniques in the classroom. EdoBEST principals receive training to support teachers. Connect with the community and take full ownership of the school in every aspect Meanwhile, education managers are trained to leverage technology and data-driven approaches to support school staff and fulfill their roles effectively.

EdoBEST is on track to serve hundreds of thousands of children across all government primary and middle schools in the state. It improves their learning outcomes and life chances. Importantly, the project also invests in the professional development of government teachers. school leader and educational manager Strengthen the capacity of thousands of civil servants Working with state governments to strengthen quality education and the structures that enable it is a dynamic and urgent task. We need passionate team members. Thrive in an ever-changing environment and enjoy delving into challenges We are a team of true pioneers working to ensure that the children of Edo State have the opportunity to maximize their potential. We need people who are committed to this transformational project and inspired by its ambitions. So join us!

List of Vacancies in Edo State Basic Education Reform (EdoBEST)

We are recruiting for the following positions:

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